Customized Beef Cattle Winter Rations

For the Fall 2020 season, Prairie Beef Nutrition is happy to have partnered with New Rosedale Feed Mill to offer customized winter rations to our beef cattle customers. Purchasing New Rosedale Feed Mill mineral is not a requirement.


On-farm feed testing is also available to customers within a one-hour radius of Glenboro, Manitoba. For customers outside this area, we will provide you with feed sampling guidelines and lab information.


Pricing will be charged on a per sample / per ration basis. Total feed usage estimation for the winter-feeding period is also available.


Please contact Lynne (204-723-0602) or Shelby (204-245-0372) for more information.

Here's How It Works


Conversations with our nutritionist

Each feed plan will be customized to your operation, so our first step is to get to know you, your herd and your specific goals & challenges. We’ll review all of the basic information that is needed for formulating rations, including what feed supplies you have available this year, estimated feed prices and animal feeding groups. We will also take into account your feeding equipment, available labor and performance targets.

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Feed sampling and complete vitamin & mineral review.

Growing conditions change from year to year and so does the quality of your feed. It’s important to take time to collect representative samples and have them analyzed by a reputable laboratory, so that your feed rations will not not over or under formulated. Your vitamin & mineral premixes and supplements will then be tailored to make up for any nutrients that may be lacking from your main feed ingredients. It’s important to note that, with the purchase of our Winter Feeding packages, you are not required to purchase specific vitamin & mineral premixes, or any other supplements. The supplier of these products will remain to be your choice.

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Customized, easy-to-follow winter feeding program.

Now it’s time to put all of this information together! After testing your feed supplies and matching the sample results to your vitamin & mineral premixes, we’ll create an easy to follow winter feeding program that is designed specifically for you and your operation. We’ll work closely with you to make sure it’s a program that you can use and implement on your farm this winter. The feed rations will be tailored to match the needs of your cattle.

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Nutritional support until the end of calving.

When you sign up as one of our customers, we want to ensure that you are happy with the results of your feeding program. This is why we will continue to be available for you, if any further questions or concerns come up, until the completion of your calving period. For example, if after a couple months into feeding you notice that you are going to be short on one specific feed, we’ll help you to adjust your feeding program so that you can make the necessary arrangements and not be left scrambling for high priced ingredients come spring.

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