The Story Behind Prairie Beef Nutrition

Hi there! I’m Lynne, a Livestock Nutritionist who created Prairie Beef Nutrition to help beef cattle producers with one of their largest expenses, FEED. My husband, Wes and I are also beef producers. We know first-hand the importance of a good quality feed supply and we work with you to make sure that your cattle are getting the right nutrients at the right times.

Growing Up

Growing up on a mixed grain and beef farm near Kaleida, Manitoba, my desire to care for animals started at a young age. My parents tell stories about how when my Dad would come into the house and announce that there was a new calf, I wouldn’t be able to settle down and go to sleep until I could go out and see the new calf for myself. There was always a competition between my brother and I on who could get changed the quickest to help with chores after the school bus had dropped us off. Although, this could have been more about sibling rivalry than our eagerness to help with evening chores.


Since I had always enjoyed being around animals and received top marks in school, the natural route for me to take after completing high school was to enroll in Pre-Veterinary courses at the University of Manitoba. After my 2nd attempt at passing Biochemistry was successful, I was accepted into vet school in Saskatoon. I thought that my career path was set. However, it turned out that memorizing Anatomy & Physiology textbooks and doing surgeries was not the route for me. Near the end of Year 1, I packed up and headed back home to figure things out.


I decided to complete my Undergrad degree in Animal Science back at the Univerisity of Manitoba. Fortunately, this meant taking a Ruminant Production course with Dr. Kim Ominksi. Near the end of that course, Kim and I talked about one of her upcoming round bale silage projects. That summer I remember following the tractor and baler around to tag bales and almost ending up with heat stroke. We were able to wrap bales at varying moisture levels and collected data for what would turn out to be part of my Master’s project. It looked like my career path was back on track - I was working with cattle and forages again!

Feed Industry Experience

In 2005, my career path shifted unexpectedly from cattle to pigs due to a chance meeting with a representative from HyLife, Canada’s largest pork producer. That meeting set a new chain of events in motion. For the next ten years, I found myself working in a fast paced environment with great people as part of HyLife’s Nutrition and Research teams.


It wasn’t until I met my husband, Wesley Wytinck, in 2011 that my love of farming and cattle was re-ignited.  I found myself making weekly three hour treks back and forth from La Broquerie to Cypress River, MB. All of a sudden, I started baling hay, working with beef cattle and becoming more interested in the latest beef and forage research.

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Launching Prairie Beef Nutrition

Eventually, in 2015, with the support of family and friends, I decided to leave my role at HyLife and followed through on my desire to work with beef cattle producers.  In 2016, Prairie Beef Nutrition was launched.  From day one, my main goal has been to help producers answer questions related to beef cattle nutrition. In 2017, we upgraded our feed testing equipment and formulation programs. By March 2018, we had successfully created and implemented ten winter feed programs for our clients across the Prairie provinces.


Near the same time as launching Prairie Beef Nutrition, I was introduced to some more hard working people at a thriving and expanding local feed mill. They were in search of a Ruminant Nutritionist to add to their team. This was another great fit and I am now the lead Ruminant Nutritionist for New Rosedale Feed Mill based near Portage la Prairie, MB.

Family and Community

Although work does take up the majority of our time and dinner conversations, family and community are also very important to Wes and I. We do not have children of our own, but we are very fortunate to be close with our family and enjoy spending time with our nieces and nephews. Of course, we are also looking forward to the time when they are old enough to come help on the farm during the summer months! Wes is an active member of the Cypress River Volunteer Fire Department and I have recently taken on the role of Vice-President for the Cypress River Agricultural Society.


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We are passionate about learning and feel that it is our job to keep on top of the latest beef and forage research for you. We know that your time is valuable and that you cannot attend as many workshops and tours as you may like to. That is why we try to attend as many of these events as possible and bring that knowledge back to you. We help you apply this research directly to your farm to increase productivity and profits.

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